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Martimex a.s. was founded as a trading company, specializing in foreign trade.

Our motto is -  "more than just trade". For over 43 years, we have relied on our experienced staff to guarantee the fulfilment of this motto and to stand our ground amid growing competition in the trade markets.

Martimex a.s., foreign trade company was established in 1969 as part of the ZTS heavy engineering trust, one of the then Czechoslovakia’s largest engineering corporations. After privatisation and re-structuring, Martimex a.s. is now a holding type-joint stock company consisting of the parent company and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies with seats in Slovakia and abroad. During the decades of successful existence, the company has built up a network of long-term business customers and overseas representations which enables it to offer a wide range of services, from market research, through international partner search, logistics services, finding business links and local producers and organizing subcontracted production, to financing manufacture and export of machinery.

Thanks to this strategy, Martimex, a.s. has gained an international reputation especially in the sphere of export and import of engineering products, such as engines, construction machines, hydraulic equipment, wheeled skidders and forest machines, agricultural tractors, spare parts, chemicals and technological equipment.

Parent company : Martimex Holding, a.s., Martin, Slovakia
Daughter and affiliated companies

of Martimex Group :

Martimex, a.s., Martin, Slovakia

Martimex Alfa, a.s., Martin, Slovakia

Martimex Dateko, s.r.o., Martin, Slovakia

Martimex Gama, s.r.o., Martin, Slovakia

Martimex Spedition, s.r.o., Martin, Slovakia

The company’s representation abroad : Moscow, Russian Federation

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